Found Money Is Always Nice

GC-LstMnye8675309This past week I have been on a roll, finding some lost dollars that were right in my pocket the whole time.

I have to thank my Dad for this, he gave me a new wallet for the holidays and that forced me to clean out the old wallet. When I cleaned it out I found almost 10 gift cards from various stores and I asked myself… is any of this worth something?

I put them all in a ziploc bag and threw a sticky note in the front with the names of the stores on it, I was now on a mission to find out if there was any value to them.

So off I went on this value trip and here’s what I found – Money!

Found Money Is Always Nice…

Starbucks $11 – I had three gift cards that each had a few dollars on them (Surprise Surprise!) The barista who helped me consolidated them into a new one and I bought myself and a couple of friends a coffee on the spot! Still have $3 on there when I left – enough to buy one more cup of Joe.

Walmart $25 – This old card was plenty beat up and looked like I had put it through a wash cycle. I vaugely remember getting a credit years ago so this makes sense. Went and bought some groceries 5 minutes later. Very timely too, I needed to buy some food but I’m not flush this week!

Home Depot $4.02 – This card is so old and beat up I will be shocked if it has any value, it was brittle and broken; so much that I had to tape it together to look respectful. Going to head there this weekend and see what’s on it. Updated 2/10/2017 – Went here yesterday and the card (while broken in 2 and taped together), has a value of $4.02. Miles, Sasha, and myself were all making bets in the car before I went into the store – turns out we were all a little off. What can I buy at HD for $4?

 Dunkin’ Donuts $6.80 – I got this somewhat recently, so I’m going to bet that there’s at least a cup of Joe left on this puppy. I’ll find out soon and update this post. Updated 1/15/2017 – Went here this morning and the card bought me a $2.11 Coffee, and has $4.69 Left. That was a $6.80 score!


There was a reason why I am doing this exercise (because that’s what it really is), and what I get from it.

1) I wanted to remove the question from my head – are these worth anything? I just felt it was something I needed to cross off my list, no sense in carrying around junk or worthless stuff with me.

“This is a metaphor for the life stage I’m in now, so it makes sense why I felt motivated to organize and attack this.”

2) My new wallet has less space than the old one, no room for extra cards.

3) There is Nothing, I repeat – NOTHING like found money. This could be $20 in a pair of jeans, or some other denomination of a bill in some kind of pants or jacket.

Whatever the amount is or the clothing that you found it in, that’s always awesome and it’s always on time. This found money was hidden in plain sight, in plastic so I didn’t see it.

Thanks Dad!

$46.82 in found money! Not a lot really (ok), but it’s all a bonus because I didn’t know I had it.

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