Police Tap Mopar Performance for The Force

Mopar-Police-CruiserIf you just put the petal to the metal and you passed an all blacked out Charger, that could cost you… That might be a new Hemi-Powered police car; A Dodge Charger Pursuit Model.

I’ve seen a bunch of new police cars running around, and you will too. I read this very timely article in the paper about all this – seems like police departments all over the USA are replacing their aging cars, and they’re going with Mopar! As police fleet sales are a big part of automaker sales, they are pushing performance and Mopar has plenty of it.

Take a minute to read the full article (below), and watch out for them in your area.

Here’s a quote all my Magnum (DMWW) and other Mopar friends need to know (in case you thought about running for it):

Small_Quotes…the Charger Pursuit is equipped with radiator and engine oil coolers designed to withstand long high-speed chases. The heavy-duty brakes are built to withstand high heat…comes with a self-leveling rear suspension and enough clearance to chase drivers across highway medians.”

a-Force-of-Mopar-1 a-Force-of-Mopar-2

Big Up to Dodge Magnums Worldwide (DMWW)

FWIW, I tried to find the original article on The Los Angeles Times, and The Philadelphia Inquirer (where I read it from) so I could link to it and give the proper credit to the source and author (David Undercoffler) but after spending more than 20 minutes on each respective website, I gave up….

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