Time for NFL to Let Fans Be Fans


With the recent and landmark decision by the FCC on Tuesday September 30th, set a giant ball of public sentiment in motion.  The Federal FCC-Blackout-Rule-ChangeCommunications Commission voted 5-0 to eliminate its sports blackout rules. #StopTheBlackouts

But in the same breath the embattled league again did a poor PR move when they said “…doesn’t plan to change the way its broadcasts are handled.” – What a bunch of d-bags! Actually, I should really say (about Roger) – What a d-bag! (singular reference for just one person).

I guess the smart folks over there don’t see the upside, so I’ll break it down for them. Here’s WHY BLACKOUTS DON’T MAKE SENSE:

  • The relationship between fans and going to the stadium is a moot point. People will still go to the game and support their local team, and buy overpriced snacks and beer.
  • The reason why they did this is so old, that I wasn’t alive when it was relevant. I’m 43 now, so …
  • It’s just plain STOOPID (haha Stupid) that we can’t watch our home team, in our home. I think it makes more sense to encourage fans to do this.
  • If you’re an advertiser (or a content provider selling ads or licensing content) don’t you want more eyeballs? More revenue from more fans watching? Well?

IF for no other reason than to give the fans what they want in a time of super-bad PR, you couldn’t just do that?

Keith Olbermann really gets it – and I think you should hear him break it down completely!

For the longest time (since I was a kid) I remember watching my Washington Redskins on TV, because every game was always sold out. I enjoyed that luxury then, and I expect the same thing now, regardless if that 80,000 capacity stadium didn’t sell out.

Time for the NFL to give fans something back, or mark the beginning of the end, of football as we know it. Time for Roger Goodell to go home.

By Louis Wing


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