Just This Moment – Thinking of Miami

Miles-Smiling-Poolside_June-2012I was reading this morning, gathering some thoughts… And I ran across a blog by Crissy Page, someone who was just taking a few seconds to talk about something, but not necessarily business or even serious. Read it yourself here.

She was just posting her thoughts for #ThisMoment, and I think it makes sense.

I’m kinda on the same page as she, I’m sitting in my office, nearly miserable. I’m fighting through a cold (thanks Mr. Winter) and I’d rather be doing something else. I would rather be somewhere more comfortable, warm even. Ideally, I’d be back in Miami, wearing shorts and sandals, and drinking a cold beer.

Can’t do that up here in Philly, no sir. It’s just too damn cold. Anyways – Just a thought, right now, inĀ #ThisMoment.

That’s a picture of my two boys, playing in the little pool outside of the house in Miami. They’re enjoying a splash on a hot day, and I’m sitting in the shade taking this picture. This takes me back, and it even feels warm.

By Louis Wing

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