Why The NCAA Is Like A Cassette-Player Walkman

NCAA-OLD-CASSETTE-WALKMANI’m sure by now you’ve got your brain all twisted around, trying to figure out my analogy, but I’ll break it down very simply for you.

I know we’re all used to hearing about the NCAA in some vilifying manner, singing their favorite tune – that they caught a player accepting money from an agent, that a booster is getting a football program in trouble, or worse yet, that a team is trying to gain an unfair advantage.

For the longest time, the NCAA has talked about pride – singing the praises on values like integrity, sportsmanship, and balance between athletics and academia. Today, I think the NCAA is all about bullshit, and their actions stink.

The NCAA’s mission statement is chock full of old language from long ago, and it has lots of useless rhetoric like “the supporting role that intercollegiate athletics plays in the higher education mission and in enhancing the sense of community and strengthening the identity of member institutions.”  WHATEVER YOU SAY MAN!

An old saying I like to get behind is “Actions speak louder than words” and I think a quick reference to their actions speaks volumes.

Recent Actions by the NCAA that are (at best) inconsistent with their mission:

NCAA-CORRUPTIONBotching the U. Miami investigation by using tainted sources, and investigators whose job is was to punish universities – Time to clear the Hurricanes of wrongdoing and move on. Face it, you blew it! You took the word of a confessed criminal, and let that person be your star witness. That’s walking all over the line, but still you press forward against Miami with a rope-a-dope style that makes a city slicker raise an eyebrow. Let the ‘Canes play, and stop with all of this Bushit!

NCAA_Okuro-Hardship-DenialDenying a hardship request by Kerwin Okoro, this is a student who lost two family members (a brother and a father), and wanted to be closer to home. Give the kid a break, will you? WTF is wrong with you NCAA? Accidentally left your heart on the bank desk while making a deposit? If his story doesn’t make the case, I don’t know what does. Think about it. [Read more about his transfer here]

NCAA_Donte-Hill-ODUTrying to end an athlete’s collegiate career over an 8 minute oversight. This is shameless! Donte Hill played 8 friggin minutes of a pickup game while at Clemson, and the NCAA is counting that as a whole year, costing him eligability at Old Dominion. Nice move NCAA! If I use your “NCAA Math” method, I’ll reduce all games to about 10 seconds each, have fun trying to drive ad revenue with that schedule, AH’s! [Read more about the NCAA’s denial here]

Petty punishments ahead! Car Wash SCANDAL! As if the action here can’t get any heavier – a women’s golf player found the time to wash her car (bless her), and she did it on campus. No big deal right? Well, for the NCAA, it’s VIOLATION TIME! The NCAA again swooped in, and spent all their investigative time on hoses and water! In the end, all of it was a bunch of hot air, and some smelly Bushit, they fined that student athlete $20 bucks, the total value of the water she used. EXCUSE ME? SERIOUSLY? Got nothing better to spend your time on. I don’t know how much value her efforts bring to the university, but seriously, it has to be more than $20. Give her a break! Shoot – give ME a break!

NCAA-MANZIEL-MARKETINGHeisman trophy winner Johnny Manziel, a quarterback from Texas A&M was alleged to have charged for an autgraph, and the NCAA swoops in to punish. But they’re selling his jerseys online! What’s the message here? You can’t make a penny, but we do it all day!? Even though they claim they’re not marketing his name anymore, that’s total Bushit! I searched Google TODAY – August 22, 2013, and they’re still marketing Google PPC with the keyword “Manziel” – I guess they’re ok with blatanly lying to the public, where is that covered with their mission statement? I don’t read the words “dishonest” anywhere – do you? [Read their mission statement here]

NCAA_steve-rhodesServe your country, but you’re not welcome to play! Steven Rhodes is a Marine that just completed 5 years of service to America, and his dream was to play college football. The NCAA basically tried to nix that by claiming his competing in Military games (similar to intramural college sports) made him ineligble. The NCAA did a complete reversal after public outcry, but WTF man? I’m sure somebody there put some thought into it before they said no to this soldier-turned-college-student. Anyone there want to own up to being an idiot? This is a disgrace, and I can see no merit that the NCAA would have gained by trying to deny Steven his dreams, especially considering his service.

NCAA-NO-CLUESo as I was saying – the NCAA is like that old sony walkman, the kind that played AM/FM and cassette – that old thing doesn’t work anymore, time to throw it out and get a new player, one that has all the modern stuff, and none of the old, antiquated technology. The NCAA is both inept and obsolete. There, I said it!

Time to consider a complete revamp of collegiate athletics, paying student-athletes a real wage that they can survive on, and if you’re going to have a “governing body” that is designed to protect the students and the universities… time to SEPARATE that governing body from the money altogether.

You can’t be truly altruistic if you’re shaking hands with your right, and have the left in your pocket holding the cash.


By Louis Wing

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