Committing Random Acts of Kindness (RAK)

RAK_Random-Act-of-KindnessToday I committed a random act of kindness, and it feels amazing. While this may catch some of you off guard, I feel compelled to share this with you all, and the universe at large.

I’m not sure who said “it’s better to give than receive” but they were right in a way I’ve never imagined. For some time now, I’ve tried to make an effort to be kind to strangers and do something extra for people who might not be expecting it. Really, this doesn’t take up alot of extra effort (I don’t really have to try that hard), I just do it.

Sometimes this is waiting an extra moment and holding a door open for someone who is still a few feet away, yes – I’ll take that time and hold the door because it takes only a small amount of effort, but it means something. I’ve found myself doing things like this and others to be a good person, and to show people that I care.

Things like this are small gestures that might not seem like alot, but they go a long way in showing people that humanity and civility are alive and well these days. Being selfless can be inspiring all the way around, and it falls under the “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” type thing. So easy, and yet so many people don’t follow this simple mantra.

Today I committed a random act of kindness, I stopped along the way to work and gave a $20 gift card and a letter to the crossing guard that works along my route to work. She’s out there every day (rain or shine) and early in the morning too. I wrote the letter in advance (well, because I knew I was going to do this), and I wanted to make it a point to the person of why I did it, and because I thought what they do is important enough to make a difference.

I don’t know how this person feels about it inside, but I can tell you the smile on their face was more than priceless. The look itself was a gift from G_d, and it made my day and then some.

In this hectic and overly digital world we live in, some things carry more meaning than ever… small, offline, personal gestures that are unexpected, and printed letters (that nobody does anymore), and I did this today with a complete stranger. She doesn’t know that I’ve been one of the random cars passing by every day, and she had no idea that I draw some of my motivation from knowing that she stands her post all week, but today I took the opportunity to thank her, and to give her a random gift of kindness.

I drove up the road as I normally do, but today I pulled over and rolled down the window of my car (said hello!), asked her to come over and I handed this complete stranger an envelope that said “THANKS

Dunkin-Donuts_Gift-CardSure, a letter alone might have been enough to make her day, but gifting a few cups of hot coffee to keep her warm on the cold mornings was something I wanted to do as well.

I did this for her, I did this for me, and I can tell you this was one of life’s moments that really meant something big. I don’t know what impact it may have had on her, but giving sure made me feel good inside, and I found a way to Pay It Forward.

I hope that by reading this post this morning, I’ve inspired YOU to do something on your own that is equally inspiring.

Whatever you do, make it count – and Pay It Forward in your own way.

You don’t need a letter or a gift card to brighten up someone’s day, sometimes a gesture as small as opening a door, helping a stranger carry a heavy bag, or just flashing a smile to another person while they’re passing by is all you need to do. Whatever you do – The point is to do something positive, and just be a good soul.

In the end, the only person you are hoping to inspire is G_d himself, and that you’re doing your part to care for another one of his children.

Thank you Lesli K. Brown for reminding me to pay it forward! You can [read the letter here] if you’re interested.

By Louis Wing

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