Today Is An EPIC Day – End of a Multi-Year Headache

Big-SmilesApril 15, 2013

Today is an EPIC day for me. Today represents a big step forward, and the culmination of many small steps that made it all possible.

This is one of those teaching moments, a time when I can step back and see all of the individual things that I did along the way, all of those small pieces (that add up) and eventually become a completed puzzle.

This has been such a big burden weighing me down, that I am elated to finally take these steps today, and close out an ugly chapter in my life, a time and misplacement of effort that I’ve been reminded of too often in recent  years. This has been a personal blight in my mind, and a weight on my soul.

Today I get to take this big step towards resolution of this problem I’ve been carrying around with me for 6+ years.

While the whole problem has yet to be solved completely, this is a major step towards that final, 100% resolution.

So happy that I took all those steps, I’m putting it all in the mail today – driving to the post office to get all this postmarked on time, Today, April 15, 2013.

I’m as happy as Miles looks in this picture. Hope your day is a great one too!

Special Thanks to Rob Block and Jonathan Killiany over at BlockCPA , you guys helped me get here today! And Heath Davis, a friend who answered the call.

By Louis Wing 

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