Great Customer Service From The IRS

Good Customer Service
Image Via WikimediaCommons - jcornelius
Good Customer Service
Image WikimediaCommons – jcornelius

I know that most everyone has a negative opinion of the IRS, but I am one taxpayer that is pleasantly surprised at how fast they responded to my requests and inquiries.

Based on popular consensus and popularized hype from the media, the IRS has a really bad rep that seems to be like a daytime soap opera… but in reality this is an organization that has impressed me completely.

Sure Sure,…yes, they are the unpopular agency of our government that is charged with collecting taxes from our income, and as much as we’d all love to hold on to more of our hard-earned dollars..we pay taxes every year.

Even moreso, yes, filing taxes is a pain in the… But they are not right hand of the evil empire! Darth Vader does not answer the phone over there!

Much to my own surprise, they were friendly and helpful when I talked to them on the phone (yes, I called them) and I didn’t have to wait long. I was also surprised to know they have local offices everywhere! Yes, I have gone there, and they were helpful there too.

Note: Their automated system was actually pretty intuitive, and I was able to order documents from them and they were mailed that day. So if you don’t need to call, their phone system was very good.

When I talked to them this morning, they were going to fax me some documents that I wanted. They did tell me it might take upto 48 hours, but when I got back to my desk after a meeting… the faxes had all arrived!

Just goes to show you that perception (in this case) does not equal reality.

The IRS representative I spoke with on the phone today was really helpful, and she answered every question I had, much like any other company with good customer service. 

I think she was nicer and more interested in helping me get the right information than Chase Auto Finance (those bastards), whom I pay a good portion of my check every month. A day late and you’re, know because they’re calling you right away.

I think Chase could take a few pointers from the IRS, who have embraced good customer service as a standard, treating people like… well, people!

So kudos to you IRS, I know alot of people throw dirt on you all the time, but here’s a nice bucket of praise for a job well done. And thank you Mrs. Geremi, you’re awesome!

By Louis Wing

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