Stereo System Setups of The Ages – My How Things Have Changed

I recently discovered my expensive/modern Stereo System was made obsolete by a $40 DVD player (home theatre in a box) that I bought on clearance at BestBuy.

I didn’t go in with the intention of upgrading my stereo, I was just getting a DVD player for the kids to watch their movies. It was on clearance and really cheap; perfect for the job!

After I got the new piece of equipment home I connected it, and so I had a dvd player. Kids are happy, Batman and Spiderman are BACK on the TV, Mommy and I are happy too. This one was actually pretty good DVD player [for a Dynex]… and for me it’s a big upgrade to multi-channel surround sound and more wattage than my old stereo.

So I’m sitting here on thinking of how best to integrate this $40 DVD player into my existing stereo setup – a “mack daddy” Kenwood Rack Stereo System. So I’ve got my hands full of stereo cables and just staring at it.. lost.

I was looking at the Kenwood and thinking, I’ll just bring this in with an Auxiliary input, and bam! it will work. But then I get to the part about the my Slim Device, and wait – now I have 5 more speakers with surround sound. So (but), I have speakers and an amp already!?

So I paused,… I thought “let me step back and think about this for a second” .. two sets of speakers? I’m running another amplifier into my already-amped system? And when I realized I don’t really use cassettes, CD’s (at least at home), and or really the AM/FM tuner. I looked at my Kenwood and said why do I have this whole setup if I don’t need it?

My new setup is so much better than the old one, takes up much less space, and does alot more. I feel like my old stereo (a $1200 System) is the 8-Track Tape player of my era…

I listen mostly to internet radio, and I use a Slim Device to listen to these streams and my MP3s.

The “Slim Device” is a Digital Audio Device by Logitech. Most of my music comes from either a stream from, or an MP3. The Slim Device is setup with a remote, so I browse through any of the 1000’s of internet radio stations

Groove Salad is my Favorite station which is on If you don’t know what Groove Salad is all about, tune in by Clicking Here. Soma FM is a collective of awesome Digital Music in the Electronic Category. I dig stuff like laid-back beats and background tunes. My personal motto is “Loungy and DownTempo” –

For my MP3s, The Slim Device has a server-side app that runs on a PC on my network. I have a old Dell pc running Linux/Mint and it’s a great machine with gobs of memory. I have all of my MP3’s cataloged on this computer. This PC (now a media server) has superfast ethernet connections [10/100/1000] so there’s no delay in starting a song or seeking through a massive library of songs I have. My MP3s are either downloaded or Rips from the 100’s CD’s I’ve bought. I’m adding more iTunes songs these days, but most of the MP3s are old school and were current through the late 90’s (The Napster Era).

How Does All This Stuff Connect Now?

To use internet radio you should have a good connection to the internet, I have Comcast cable for the connection, and I’ve upgraded (Read More) by spending a little on a brand new cable modem, a modern designed, Docsis 3.0 Class device that is Gigabit Fast (10/100/1000). This works perfectly with my Cisco Router (which also Gigbit), so the speed I have in my network is faster than the capacity of bandwidth available; it’s fast. Perfect for streaming and accessing big files in an instant.

Media files like video and pictures will transfer in seconds, lots of room to grow as media file sizes will likely increase with time.

So the big takeaway for me was realizing how much things have changed in such a relatively short period of time, and how far technology has come with respect to music, and how it has adapted to current forms of music.

While I was writing this blog post, I listened to about an hour of awesome music, an endless folder of songs (Old School Hip-Hop on MP3).

I didn’t listen to them on a computer with two cheap desktop speakers, I listened to them in BIG surround sound on my “BIG” home stereo setup.

Music just like you’d want it, nothing but a remote control needed to access any tunes I want. I felt like inviting some people over to hang out and listen, that good.

So my stereo size decreased by 400%, the sound grew by 1000%, and the cost went down $600 bucks.

#LifeVictory #DigitalAudio #Modern_Stereo

Learn more about my Slim Device and all that here. This is a really great choice because there is a really large community of users and developers who continue to support the app and the devices.

What’s a Slim Device? | SlimDevices Support Community | Logitech Support | Shop Smart Audio Devices

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