Can’t Wait For Lunch Today With The Family at Melt Down Grilled Cheese Restaurant

Melt Down Grilled Cheese RestaurantKimesha is bringing the kids to my office today so we can all go for lunch together!

The kids don’t have school, so we’re heading out to get a Grilled Cheese Sandwich – Miles’ request. Can’t Wait!

I’m sure I’ll post a review after we go, and I’ll update my post with a link to it – But… I’m sure the Grilled Cheese sandwiches here are good, I mean, kinda hard to mess up this simple kind of thing, right?

I’m no professional food critic here, but I’m overweight and I’ve eaten alot of food, so I know a good sangwich when I eat one. LOL

Stay Tuned!

Back from lunch… Very Good Stuff!

Just got back from lunch with the wife and kids, very good food and experience at Melt Down Grilled Cheese.

They had a nice little play area for the kids to hang in, and we saw a few little ones in there already.

The Food! As I was hoping, the grilled cheese is a venerable sandwich that you’d really have to try hard to mess up, and the variety served here is good.

My wife and I split a couple of these so we could each sample two of the choices – we had “The BCT” and the “Goud Turkey” both very good. The BCT is a Bacon Cheese & Tomato, hands down was our favorite. Melty-Gooey with bacon in it. Ummm Mmm! The other sandwich was a great combination of melted gouda cheese and turkey, a nice meeting of grilled cheese with a favorable slice of turkey running through it.

Sasha Louis loves grilled cheese sandwiches!

The Goud Turkey was good also, and you could tell this was a natural for their menu. Both meals came with pickles and a decent serving of chips, well rounded. We also had their corn chowder, which was served with Bacon on top. My wife loved it!

The restaurant features kids meals, which is 1/2 grilled cheese sandwich, and then your choice of apple slices or chips; we choose the apple slices for the boys.

Two thumbs up for the whole experience – definitely recommend Melt Down Grilled Cheese. Good food, Good experience, Great prices.

Healthy Drinks Served Here!

Very happy to say that they offer a healthy variety here, they serve New Hope natural sodas and juices, which don’t have high frutcose corn syrup or caffeine, and they tasted great too.

No complaints from either of my junior taste testers, and I thought my drink was good & refreshing.

By Louis Wing

You can learn more about New Hope Fountain Drinks Online.



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