Everyone Needs An Online Backup Folder, Get Dropbox

Image Credit | www.worldstart.com
Image Credit | www.worldstart.com

A friend of mine at work is bummed out because the usb drive that she works out of…got smashed and all her stuff is gone.

It caused a huge problem because that USB jump drive had all of her husband’s stuff on there too, and they’re paying someone to try and recover their data, which might cost them $250 (if) the data is recoverable. Wow.

While everyone is saying the obvious “Did you have a backup?!” and of course she didn’t have one. So she asks me “what do you use?” – and I just said Dropbox!

Yeah, this is a no-brainer, get a Dropbox Account setup for free, try it, see how it works. This is simple to use, it’s just like another folder on your computer, but it goes everywhere with you.

Always have your stuff when you need it with @Dropbox. Sign up for free! http://db.tt/pti0YFRs

How does Dropbox work?

Very easy actually – create a free account online, download the application on your home pc, and then everywhere else you want (work pc, and your mobile phone).

That’s it – you’ll see the Dropbox “folder” on your computer, so just save your files there and it automatically syncs up and is backed up. Any time a file changes or is edited, it automatically backs up the latest version, it’s constantly syncing up.

No matter where you are, you can always access Dropbox, and add to or even update your files, on the web too, and on your computers or mobile devices. The latest files are always available to you.

The free version gives you upto 2.5GB, which is plenty of space for most people. For people with more files or professionals, you can easily upgrade and get more space.

It’s that simple. So try it! Click Here and get setup with a Free Dropbox account.

You’ll thank me later – don’t be “that guy” and lose all your data. Get Dropbox and backup your important files today, like Now!

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