Listening to an Old Mixtape CD, Where Did Hip-Hop Go?

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This morning I changed out some of the CD’s in my car and put a mixtape CD from just a few years ago….did I really listen to that?

I should tell you that this was a mix of hip hop and an overdose of club tracks. While I still like all of the hip-hop, the rest of the music was horrible.

So I’m sitting here and pressing NEXT on the CD and I’m thinking to myself, wow – what was I on? Did I really like this song enough to put it on a cd? Really? Well… I think alot of us were drinking the water back in the day, and that explains alot of those songs on the CD.

Today, I was skipping over them faster than the beats in those techno tunes. My how times have changed… that club/techno stuff that gives me a headache today, but the hip-hop is still good! Thankfully, that hasn’t changed a bit. I listened to all those tracks without hitting next.

Beep beep, who got the keys to the jeep? Vroom

I’m drivin’ to the beach –  Top down, loud sounds, see my peeps

Give them pounds, now look who it be (Who it be?)

I also thought the quality of my mix CD was crappy, but hey I was using downloaded MP3’s from the Napster days, and we all know those weren’t always good sounding tracks.

I guess playing them on the computer sounded ok, but in a car it sounds sterophonically shitty. Is that even a real word or phrase?

After doing all that, I’m thinking about make a new Mixtape CD, and this time I won’t burn any crappy MP3’s or loud annoying techno, I’m too old for that crap. Think I’ll stick with Hip-Hop.

Speaking of Hip-Hop, what happened to it? Where’d it go? I hear all this Lil’ Wayne and other “music” that’s getting radio play, but that’s not real, that’s Hip-Pop. I’m not saying it’s not cool or it’s bad, but it’s not LL Cool J and it’s not EPMD either.

On that note, here are a few of the good tracks on this Mixtape cd:

  • Missy Elliot – The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)
  • Big Pun – Still Not A Player
  • Method Man feat. Mary J. Blige – I’ll be there for you
  • 2PAC feat. Dr. Dre. California Love

Where’d my hip-hop go? Please come back!

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