Yellow Is The Color Of Sunrays, Reminisce Over Mike Thomas

Keep On Movin, by Soul II Soul. One of Mike Thomas' Favorites

Just wanted to send a special shout out to a good friend in Heaven. I know you’re up there Michael Thomas, and I know you’re shining down on all of us. Yellow is the color of Sunrays

You left us a few months ago, and well.. you are missed my friend. I heard a song in the bar tonight I know you loved, Keep on Movin by Soul II Soul.

I recall a few times we heard this come on the radio on the way home from a night in DC. The volume went up, and we just grooved on home into Silver Spring, up through Rock Creek Park. When I heard this tonight, I took a moment to think back to that, and you were alive and well, just like the good old days Mike. I see your head boppin, and I know you feel this. Hope you’re hearing this tonight, and that you can just sit back and groove as you did before. Miss you bro, be well.

For everyone else reading this, take a few minutes and pump this wherever you are. I know you know the tune, just sit back and listen.

I know the time, time today
Walking alone in my own way
Extremely cold and rainy day
Friends and I have fun along the way
Yes, we do

I hide myself from no one
I know the time will really come
when you’ll be in my life, my life always
Yellow is the color of sunrays

By Louis Wing

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