Kayne West Gets Kim Kardashian Pregnant, Makes Her A Baby Mama

Kimye-PregnantOf course Kayne got her pregnant, this makes all the sense in the world! You know Kimmy Kakes wants a baby, and you know Kayne aint trying to marry her either!

In the grand plan of things, this is like a monster piece of a puzzle just falling right into it’s perfect place, there – puzzle complete!

While I’m sure Bruce isn’t that happy about it (like he cares anyways), because that’s a great example she’s setting, you know, as she’s such a role model and stuff.

So KimYe is making a baby, What’s the name of the show going to be called? What’s the baby going to be called? Can they put a camera inside of the “K Kanal” and video it’s entire existence? Rumor has it!

Will Kimmy Kakes make a new fragrance for the addition? Will that smell like a combination of BIG Booty and… ?

KimYe Launches Maternity Clothing Line – called You’re WHAT?

Not to add to the rumor mill, but I just heard from no reliable source that KimYe is launching a line of maternity clothes for women and men.

For HIM – finally, clothing with lots of pockets for all the crap she makes him carry because she’s pregnant. There’s even enough room for his cell phone and car keys,and a space for his wallet, that is, if she’s not already holding it.

For HER, it will be fashionable clothes that will still capitalize on her big booty, yet completely stylish for every stage of pregnancy, from cute baby bump to full on preggolicious! And if you believe that, this story and $7 will buy you a cup of coffee in NYC.

By Louis Wing

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