Movie Review for Ted Is Real, and Really Stinks

I’m shocked to tell you this, but my review of this movie is not a “two thumbs up” as I had hoped and really thought it would be.

My wife was even like “YOU didn’t like that movie? You?” Yeah me, and that’s the surprise. So considering all that, let me tell you what I thought and why.

I watched Ted the movie this past week when the holidays began. I actually had some time when the kids were asleep (lots of great language), and I was awake enough to watch a movie.

So I comcasted away and bought Ted is Real OnDemand PPV. I do all of my pre-movie traditionals, grab a drink, and settle in on the couch. A little over an hour later, towards the end of the movie… I’m holding on and having to make an effort to stay awake to see the end. But it’s not because I’m tired, because this movie sucked. I was trying not to miss the end, in case it all came together and was worth it. Nope.

I am stymied here. I like this genre of movie, I dig family guy humor, so what’s up? I think Mila Kunis is hot! Marky Mark is typically good with movies, but this one tanked. It was like a bad p0rn where the acting is essentially empty, and the storyline can’t save it.

Man I am just wowed at how surprised I am at the whole thing. I’d have put money on how good this movie was, that was before I saw it.

I think the concept of the live teddy bear was great, can’t take anything away from that. His antics were hilarious (yes) but even then the novelty wears off, and you start seeking the story. I’d even go as far as to say that there were some funny parts, but I can’t say I sat there laughing the whole way through either.

Again, I’m just disappointed. This comedy movie was soo up my alley, but it missed. Better luck next time Seth [but I mean that, keep pushing it forward], don’t stop here.

By Louis Wing

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