The McRib is Back! The Peanut Gallery Chimes In

It’s Back! No, not the holiday season or Christmas time, McDonald’s has reinvented the McRib Sandwich again this year. This pseudo-pork production rides again!

I know what you’re thinking, why does it only come around for part of a year? Have they figured out that we can eat this for a month, become grossed out, and then they’ll give us 10 months to forget about it?

A good friend of mine [thanks Kevin] posted an update on Fbook about this, and the peanut gallery spoke (myself included). I think everyone has an opinion on this culinary conundrum, and the commentary is hilarious.

Personally, I call this abomination of flavors a “McRat” and for good reason. No, I’m not saying it is made of rat, I’m saying it’s an interesting nickname that I’ve known for years.

And that McRat is juicy, tasty, and full of goodness… Until you get to that last bite, and you’re staring at this small piece of bun and riblet meat (you know “Parts is Parts”), with the BBQ sauce all on it… and you start thinking, WTF did I just eat?

It always gets me! The McDon’s riblet crack pushers come out and lure me in to have on, I go and get one, and I feel like junk right after I eat that thing.

I’m sure I’ll do it again this year, like some people… I never learn my lesson.

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Chicken, Pork,… Chork?
I mean seriously, is it Chicken, is it Pork? Can I call that CHORK? There are tons of possibilities here, but I think “mystery meat” is a relative term.

I decided to research this, here’s what I found.. this is JUST like when you go to the Deli counter at your favorite local food store, and you see some stuff that is called a “Ham and water product” and it looks like it’s just ham!?!

Not sure if you’re a label-reader, or if you even care… but here’s what I found on McDon’

Read for yourself at

Aside from the nutritional content, you can certainly discuss this on a few other levels before biting in.

Is this a healthy item from McDonalds? Yes NO!

Is this a good tasting sandwich? Yes! …Until you’re done with it.

Have you tried one yet?

There is good news, you can enjoy the McRib and reduce your caloric and sodium intake if you switch around these options…

Eat the McRib Pork Patty by itself (no bun, no nuttin) – 280 Calories / 15g Protein / 24g Fat / 300mg Sodium

Eat MOST of what the sandwich itself is all about – NO patty, but you get The Bun, with McRib Sauce, Pickels, and those famous “Slivered Onions” 220 Calories / 7g Protein / 2.5g Fat / 43g carbs / 680mg Sodium

Eat the Meat! Well ok, it’s messy but... Eat just the Patty with the Rib sauce and the Onions (no Bun, no Pickle) and you get 330 Calories / 16g Protein / 24g Fat / 12g Carbs / 450mg Sodium

One takeaway suggests that the bun might be the devil here! Just the damn BUN is 180 Calories / 33g Carbs / 380mg Sodium! JUST THE BUN! C’mon Hun!

At the end of the day… if you haven’t had one already, you GOTTA go a try one. I am going to try and persevere and NOT get it, but nonetheless I am sure I will get one before they’re gone.

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