Dodge Magnum UCONNECT Problems Computer Hard Reset Instructions

If you can't get a response from UCONNECT when you press the button on your rear view mirror, then the system needs to be reset.

Having Problems with in your Dodge Magnum with Bluetooth or UCONNECT?
Follow these instructions to “hard reset” your car’s computer; resolve connection errors.
What to do when UCONNECT Bluetooth stops working in your 2006 Dodge Magnum or Charger

I have noticed that my car’s Bluetooth connections via UCONNECT have failed again, and I can’t get my phone to communicate with the car. When I press the UCONNECT button on my rear-view mirror, nothing happens ūüôĀ

Last time this happened, I had a great friend who is an Car Doctor (no, not a mechanic), but he’s an Auto Audiophile++ and then some, and he fixed it before – so I called him to get the scoop. Last time we ended up resetting the car’s central computer, and that solved the problem.

If you can’t get a response from UCONNECT when you press the button on your rear view mirror, then the system needs to be reset.


First, my friend Jon Archer explained these cars have a certain amount of issues with all the onboard computers and some of the electronics here. There’s alot to this that I wont’ get into detail, but let me basically say that some of the electronics here tend to get their switches “all in a bunch” like a panty, and they’ll stop working because they can get jammed. (Seriously!? It happens).

What makes matters worse is that it is these jams occur during regular servicing, by most everyday mechanics, oil-change workers, low-end techs, etc aren’t aware that they indirectly cause these problems by disconnecting the wrong battery terminal¬†when they are servicing the car. So if your Bluetooth stops working after you get an oil change, this could be the cause of the problem.

The very first thing you need to do is make sure you can give yourself at least 1/2 hour for this fix. If you’ve got the time, then proceed.

Directions to “Hard Reset” your Dodge Magnum’s Computer

These steps are designed to resolve some of the common problems you might experience in using UCONNECT and using your mobile phone’s Bluetooth connections.

Go to the back of the magnum and open the rear hatch door. Pull up the trunk cover and the one below that, prop it up and open to expose the battery compartment, to the right of the spare tire in the trunk. We’re going to disconnect the battery terminals (yes both of them), and we’re going to leave it unplugged for at least 25 minutes.

1) Disconnect both battery terminals: Take the ground off first, then the positive.

2) AFTER THEY ARE BOTH DISCONNECTED РCross the connections (have the + touch the Рcable end. Make sure these are touching and walk away for 25 minutes. Go have a beer or something! Maybe two beers!

Having these cables and connections touch will allow all of the switches and connections to completely discharge. Part of the reason why these switches don’t work and some of the electronics fail is that they are holding some current and get jammed up, and won’t turn something on or off because of it. Once they are allow to lose all of the excess charge, when the system comes back up they should work as they originally did.

3) After 25 Minutes, now we reconnect the battery terminals (in this order)!

Very important, when reconnecting, put positive on 1st, then the negative.

4) Make sure the battery connections are good and tight, then pull the trunk cover back in it’s place, close up the rear hatch.

5) Go back up to the driver’s seat and¬†(before you start the car, turn off the Heat and AC, Fan, Wipers, Stereo, everything),¬†turn the key, start the car.

6) Let the car go through it’s normal startup, leave all of the accessories OFF for a bit.¬†When you’re about 30 seconds with the engine on, then press the UCONNECT button on the rear-view-mirror. It should come on right away.

7) You will have to go through the process of “Pairing” your phone again with the UCONNECT, but this will resolve most (if not all) of the connection issues with Bluetooth and UCONNECT. Even though I’ve done this with success for my 2006 Dodge Magnum, I understand this works on Dodge Chargers, 300s, and pretty much any other Dodge/Chrysler that has UCONNECT.

NOTE: This fix lasted about 4-5 months, until I had the car serviced and the UCONNECT stopped working. I thought it was my phone and I spent a week+ troubleshooting it. After some time with my head stuck up my A$$, I realized it wasn’t my phone, that it was my car’s¬†Bluetooth¬†system that was not connecting right.

Ways to Test if your UCONNECT is Jammed Up?

1) If you press the UCONNECT button on the rear view mirror and nothing happens, thats one sign.

2) From your car steering wheel, cycle through your personal settings and see if there is an option for when you can turn ON/OFF the option for “Confirmation of Voice Commands”

a) If you CAN change the option here, then UCONNECT is likely working and the problem is with your phone.

b) If this option won’t change, your system is hung up on something (that switch is carrying an excess charge).

TEST RESULTS – If you get no response when you press the UCONNECT button, then you should just go ahead and reset based on that. Depending on your results from #2, if (b) was your answer, then yes, that’s another indicator that you should follow instructions to perform a “hard reset” on the car’s computer.


How I learned all this? Not by driving my Dodge Magnum! I learned all of this from Jon Archer, Genius.

Jon Archer started off like many by being a Car-Audio nutjob. Cool? Yes, but and after he mastered that craft, he just kept learning and gained insane experience by working on everything from Mercedes to Ferrari. He’s worked on every exotic car you can dream of, and people (car dealerships, owners, etc) bring cars to him when they can’t figure out why something isn’t working. I hope this gives you an idea of how good he is.

I saw him go over my car with a fine tooth comb, and he did the hard reset on my magnum’s system. All I can say is, it worked! I wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t. IN JON I TRUST.

Visit him at

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    • Jason,

      Glad I could help! I’ve had to do go through this several times with my Magnum, and it works everytime. I found that most garages and some dealerships just unplug your battery (the wrong way) all to often when they service cars.

      The car starts back up (sure) but the computer(s) can get FUBAR’d along the way. I’m happy my friend showed me the way.


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