Enhanced Traction Control Now Available for Dodge Magnum

As winter driving conditions worsen, many owners of rear wheel drive (rwd) cars like the Dodge Magnum notice that traction to the real wheels becomes an issue.

Though both of these fine Mopar cars have traction control as a standard feature, but the one thing that was not engineered into these car’s design was a more balanced overall weight distribution over the front and rear of the car.

As this imbalance exists, there is a lack of weight in the rear, over the driveline where the rubber meets the road.

The horsepower and the torque of the HEMI engine makes it just too easy for your rear wheels to spin on dry surfaces, and this is handled well with the standard Dodge/Chrysler traction control (ESP) modules.

But when the road conditions deteriorate, like in wet weather (rain and snow), the ability to create a firm footprint on the road is reduced even further; this is where the latest solution is key.

Based on original technologies, a local Pennsylvania man has applied trusted methodologies and fabricated an “Enhanced Traction Control Unit” that works specifically on all Dodge Magnums and Chargers. The upgrade is available on all years/models of either car.

Our anonymous source from inside the test track say that the new traction control unit is literally a plug-n-play unit, that it requires one or two modules. Sources say the installation of the unit is nearly “Drop-In” and appears completely stock afterwards.

After the Enhanced Traction Control Unit is installed, it is configured correctly with the settings optimized for best performance by the car. The end result is an instant boost to traction levels, increasing traction by over 50%

By changing the weight distribution of the vehicle and placing additional weight over the rear axle, more traction is gained immediately. It’s amazing how low-tech solutions work so brilliantly in modern applications.

What’s even greater is that the Enhanced Traction Control is available for less than $10.

Plans for this new traction control unit are confidential and are not plan to be released until Q4 of 2014, but some of the design schematics are in clear view from the spy pictures we were able to take.

The images were snapped from this cleverly disguised prototype of the 2006 Dodge Magnum we found parked near a well-known test track near the Dodge headquarters in Detroit. While it’s not clear, this looks similar to Two (2) sixty lb bags of sand, but we can’t confirm or deny based on the spy photo we captured here.

We will leak more information on the Enhanced Traction Control module for the Dodge Magnum and Charger series as it becomes available. Stay tuned, but you saw it here first!

When the Enhanced Traction Control Module is Installed in the  rear compartment of the Dodge Magnum, it’s undetectable. The stock trunk cover rests comfortably over the traction control units, and preserves the stock look of the Magnum.
This spy photo was taken near a well-known test track close to the Dodge HQ in Detroit, MI. Sources confirm this is a real Dodge Magnum in the photo, that this appears to be based on the 2006 model with the HEMI powertrain

The additional traction is a “must-have” when it comes to driving around in winter conditions like the scene below.


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