Quintessential Maryland Terrapin Hate for Duke

A fraternity brother of mine from the University of Maryland was commenting about the Terps move to the Big Ten.

Like many other MD Alums and Basketball fans – I think this is a stupid move.

As we’re all chiming on the subject, the consensus is that the rivalries that we celebrated in the ACC are diminished. I personally think this is a greedy move, but going past that this also brought up that Maryland Terrapin hate for Duke. Yes Duke – The hated Blue Devils. There is a documented level of Terrapin Hate for Duke.

MD Terrapins – Terps Hate on Duke – Photo Credit | UMD.edu

That said though – This is a classic ACC rivalry and I think NCAA Basketball and ACC Basketball took a hard punch in the gut today.

As a MD Terp, we loved having Duke come to Cole Field House for a game against our Terps Basketball team, and serving up a nice whopping on them. Those were great days to be a Terp, and extra great because it was a win against Duke. It was this great feeling,.. that same level of greatness.. this is the opposite of the sting felt when we lost to them on their home court.

The snapshot below really says it all…

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