A Move from Miami to Philly; Cold Weather Patterns Alarms Participants

Photo Credit Fanpop.com
Photo Credit | Fanpop.com

So we moved up from Miami in late August, and it’s now the middle of November. Beautiful out! Fall is amazing, leaves are changing…you just couldn’t ask for a better view of nature moving from one season to another.

I’m just saying all this because I’M COLD! Every day is getting colder, and the sun sets at 4:45pm or something absurd like that. Either way it’s dark by the time I leave my office – so I arrive and leave under a shade of darkness. DARKNESS EVERYONE! DARKNESS.

So on the funny side, I’m sitting here trying to justify this move to myself (well not really), but just for the sake of conversation it sounds fun. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia!

We’re here for the long-haul, so I can’t really do anything about the cold, I’m just here kvetching about it.

To help illustrate my weather woes, I brought in a couple friends of mine (The Snapshots. see below) that will show what the weather patterns are here in Philly, and down in Miami, which is what I’ve been used to for the last 15+ years. Holy moly it’s cold up here.

weather snapshot Philadelphia, PA November 14, 2012
My current weather in my corner of Philadelphia, PA – Info | Photo Credit Courtesy of Accuweather.com

Here? Sh*t I’m walking briskly outside doing whatever the eff I am doing, all to minimize the exposure. I run hot anyways, but it’s cold enough today that I’m wearing a wool sweater I’ve had for a long time. A WOOL SWEATER, seriously? I would normally be wrapped in a silk or linen tarp right around now. Up until today, this has been collecting dust in my closet for about 15 years. I got this sweater before when I lived in MD, around the college days. To date, I have maybe worn this 5-6 times. I have only worn it when I was visiting up this way, the cold Northeast. Now, today, I’m wearing this thing all day because it’s cold outside.

Photo Credit | Hooked on Iron

Glad I’m pumping up on the Vitamin D! Just started to take it this week. There is almost no warming sun up here. Or really, I’m saying that by comparison to what I’m used to. Does the sunshine really create happiness?!

I could normally get 1000u’s of vitamin D from taking a 10 minute walk in Miami. Here you need it by the pill or the IV.

Maybe my mood is down because of all this DARKNESS! Hope I can naturally medicate this away, but I doubt that Vitamin D will impact the weather.


Weather snapshot of Miami, FL November 14, 2012
Typical Miami, FL “Fall Day” November 14, 2012 – Info | Photo Credit Accuweather.com

If I were in Miami, FL right now, I’d be sitting outside on the patio drinking a beer and cooking steaks on the grill; wearing shorts, a t-shirt, and maybe some flip-flops. I’d be admiring the cool night breezes, saying to friends that “this is the part of the year we live for, so nice out, no humidity…” and I’d be snickering about it. As my friend D.Brown would say “You’re loving life right now dude” and he’d be right. Diego Serrano knows all about this, he’s a good friend (family really) and he’s living the dream right now, at least the weather part.

Now that’s all memories… and a two and a half hour flight away.

Ok, I’m done here. Done kvetching  and moaning for the day. Thanks for lending me your ear.

As a good friend Ian Baumel suggested to me, there might be some Karma mixed in with this. I was famous for sending my friends up here a “Weather Report” every time there was a Nor’easter and snow falling. Now it’s coming back to bite me in the rear.

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