Sorry I Was Going Too Fast

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To the angry lady in Huntingdon Valley who yelled at me on Sunday for going too fast:

You stopped me and yelled “Don’t you EVER drive 65 Miles per hour in MY neighborhood again”…

OK – I have to say that I believe in Good Karma and that I’m sorry I was going too fast for your street. I had my family in the car with me so I was really going like 40ish, but that’s still too fast for a local street, true.

I think you’re more pissed off because I made you stop instead of blowing past that stop sign you were supposed to stop at back there on your street. But you didn’t stop, and then I just whizzed right by.

Having you chase me down the street and flashing your lights was a little much; but in the end I shouldn’t have rolled my eyes at you and drove away like that.

So I’m sorry – you are right, and I am wrong. But you’re kind of a nut-job in that BMW650i. You and your mink coat and hat; go ahead with your bad self. There, I said it – I’m sorry… Are We Cool Now?

By Louis Wing

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