Director Michael Bay Speaks The Truth About Ungrateful Hollywood Actors

Actor Hugo Weaving complains how his work in Transformers was "meaningless" but he didn't mind getting paid $200,000 for 2 hours of studio work. How ungrateful?!?
Actor Hugo Weaving complains how his Transformers work was "meaningless" but didn't complain about getting $200,000 for 2 hours of studio work. How ungrateful can someone be?!? PHOTO.CREDIT.CNN

I just wanted to post a rant supporting Michael Bay’s recent take on the “Complaining Actors” who speak poorly about their films after they are paid so generously to do them.

I’m struggling to feed my family of 4 on an annual salary like most of us have. We operate on a razor-thin budget; we clip coupons, shop for stuff on sale when we can, and we generally have most everything we need, but hardly everything we’d want. I would LOVE to do a voiceover that takes me 2 hours to do, and to earn $200K for doing it. I would be so proud of that work it would take alot to shut me up about how much I loved that part, that scene, my role, etc.

Maybe my perspective is just “off” compared to the people who act in Hollywood, but if they don’t like the work and if they think it’s “Meaningless” … then return that big fat paycheck to Michael Bay. Or better yet, send it to me, and I’ll take my family out to dinner. I could even send my wife to the spa to get her feet and nails done, LORD KNOWS she works hard at managing our family, and I’d love to treat her to something like that.

I’ve spent my hard-earned money on going to see all of the Transformer movies, I’m a HUGE fan. I thought they were all entertaining and continued the series I’ve been watching since I was a kid. If you doubt my sincerity, look at my car and see the Decepticon badge on the back window.

I read about hollywood types (like Hugo Weaving) who are all about “being authentic” and having a passion for their “craft” and all that talk. I think it’s great, you should be proud of what you do, but please! If you don’t want to get paid like you do then don’t show up; don’t accept the jobs.

I have a suggestion for all these types…¬†Fade away into obscurity, go hide in your mansion in the hills, and soon the paparazzi won’t be clamoring to take your picture. You will be called a hermit by some, or “eccentric” by those who you know. But after you fade away into the limelight, one day you’ll think about what allowed you to make that decision, ALL THE DAMN MONEY YOU MADE while doing “meaningless” work…Those precious minutes of your life wasted on a project that didn’t bring you complete satisfaction.

Puh-LEEEZE! Give me a part of that extra change that you don’t care for, the few hundred thousand you made for taking a drive into the studio to read some lines, I’ll take it and buy some new clothes for my kids, who are also fans of the transformers.

There’s alot to be said about earning your keep, and making things work in real life.

I’ll cut my rant short in a moment… But I have a message for any Hollywood actor who might end up reading this. I haven’t forgotten the real value of entertainment, that a trip out to see a movie is a treat; a chance to let a director show us their interpretation of a story, and for the actors to play out those scenes.

For the 90 minutes that we sit in the theater, drinking rediculously expensive soda, and munching on overpriced popcorn, it’d be nice to think that the people who were part of bringing that story to life weren’t so ashamed of the $1,667 dollars a minute they were making for sparing some of their precious time. I think it’s time for them to get real, and maybe (dare I say) become AUTHENTIC.

Thank you Michael Bay, for making these films, they take me back to the days when I was a kid, when we sat around watching TV in our pj’s on Saturday mornings, watching Optimus Prime kick Megatron’s ass all over the place. I appreciated it then, and I appreciate it now.

By Louis Wing

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