Success and Good Karma Come Full Circle

Photo Credit | Wikimedia Commons_Producer
Photo Credit | Wikimedia Commons_Producer

For those who are following me along this journey called “Life” … you know that I made a big move recently, and I’m happy to report that things are going better than I could have ever planned.

Now I know alot goes into it when someone says “better than I could have planned” and in this case I mean it that much.

So many challenges have been thrown our way, roadblocks have been setup (not literally of course), and somehow we’ve been able to move past all of that and move forward.

In looking at this from both the “big picture” perspective (you know, the 10,000 foot view) and the micro view (this week, this month, etc) – I’m fascinated at how well things have come to fruition. I can tell you that I’m watching pieces of the puzzle fall into place, but I think there’s more to it than meets the eye.

I do believe that all of these great things that are happening are the result of good Karma. Even more, I think that good Karma begets success, and that all of the good chi one can collect from doing good things is worth its own weight in platinum life points. You gotta collect of few of these points for life to throw a few things your way.

I don’t know how the score is kept, but I just know that how you live your life has an impact on how you do overall; if things just click then your’re doing good things – and if stuff isn’t workout well for you then you might be  doing things all wrong.

I have made changes to my life so that I’m living right, and I make the extra effort to do it “Right” all the way around. I just think it matters.

I feel blessed that things are going well for me and my family right now; getting better everyday. Just started at a new job, have a roof over my head, getting closer to family every day, surrounded by good friends.

I feel that good karma is coming around in a great way; Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.

By Louis Wing

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