On Fresh Starts and Moving Forward

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Photo Credit | Fran McCrory

As you are reading this today (right now), one of the biggest life transitions for me is underway. I’m moving myself and my family (Kimesha, Miles, and Sasha) from Miami to Philadelphia – Man I’m excited!


Today I’m driving north on route 95 from South Florida to somewhere in Georgia, and from there on to the NE.

It’s going to take a few days to get to where we’re going, but I haven’t been this happy in years.

  • To every one of my Miami friends, I’ll miss all of you
  • To every one of my Miami associates, good to know you.
  • To every one of you crooked & corrupt Miami types,┬ábanana┬árepublic con artists, the trifling AH’s that have plagued my progression in life, I leave you all behind, you can keep all that bad karma to yourself. I’m out bitches!

To every one of the good people I’ve crossed paths with, I wish you all the best.

BUT I’M OUT – Headed from the 305/MIA to represent the 215/Philly

This is a combination of so many things coming to fruition for me and the family. Some people will ask me “why would you move to Miami to Philly?” – and I can only answer “There are a thousand reasons why it makes sense, but just take my word for it that my stars will be aligned once again.”

By no means am I justifying reasoning for doing all this, just putting this out there to the universe, as this is the way I see it all happening.

The most important motivation for me is to be closer to family. I moved away from Maryland in ’97 to seek a “clean start” post college, to bask in the warm sun of Florida, and to chase a few skirts. Now, some 15 years later, I find my life completely different from what it used to be when I moved here, and the benefits of the area have long lost their luster.

I’ve made some great friends here, and met a few more interesting characters down in the 305, but I’m ready to move on with the next phase in my life, and I have to get back the roots to do so. The roots are planted in grounds of Philadelphia, the city I was born.

Why Philly?

Most of my immediate family lives in Northern Maryland, and the place where I grew up (Silver Spring, MD) still has a few of my good friends in the area; but overall MD doesn’t have much for me now.

Philadelphia is a place where I have family everywhere, and close friends down the road and across the river in NJ. I’m going to be surrounded by a great network of people that care, and I hope I can contribute to them as much as I think they will to me.

One of the emphasis behind this move is to have my children KNOW my parents, and for my parents to KNOW them. I want my Sister and Brother-in-Law to KNOW my boys, and for them to be a part of their lives, as much as I want my boys to be a part of theirs and their cousins. Being close to family is priceless, I value this more than I would have ever imagined.

Philly is just over one hour from both my parents and my Sister’s place, really looking forward to seeing them all soon, and OFTEN!

Just thinking about when I first moved down here, and all of the trials and tribulations that I’ve gone through down here, and how much I’ve missed of everything up there. I’m happy to leave behind this stage and get back to good living, providing for my family, and all of the new memories yet to become.

I’m Uber-excited to be a part of my friend’s lives, as a handful of my best friends will soon become only a car ride away, and that’s alot better than a flight away. These are comrades whom I share a some moments of collegiate craziness, and moreover a lifetime of common interests and experiences. We all had kids around the same time (one of them the same day), and we all talked about living close enough to celebrate birthdays, BBQs, and more.

I’m going to be so happy to back to all of that, and to be a part of great things. I’ll be happy and proud to have my children and the children of my best friends laugh and play together, and to grow up with them. These days and backyard parties are the stuff memories and dreams are made of, and I can’t wait to take in these moments with them.

I’ve written this post about “Fresh Starts and Moving Forward” because that’s what this is all about. You can’t really have a “Clean Start” because mostly this implies that you want to wipe your life’s slate clean, and move on. People do this when they break up with someone and move out of the apartment, but that’s not happening here.

We are going to get a fresh start, and we’re bringing our lives with us; good, bad, and indifferent. My goal here is to put us all in a place where we can prosper, together with friends and family close by.

While we are going to leave behind a few people I hold close to my heart, I’m ever so looking forward to reconnecting with a few more people and move forward with my life in a better place.

Goodbye Miami, Hello Philly!
– Chatterbox

PS – Special Thanks to Steve & Julie, and the entire Kessler family for making this possible. I’m thrilled to be close with great people that care, and to have the opportunity to build anew with you and your family. The boys are going to see snow this year!

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