More Meaning To What Father’s Day Really Is

Yesterday was Father’s Day 2012 – June 17th, and I had a great opportunity to really think about what the day meant. Myself and my two boys took Mommy and their older sister Taylor to the airport, they would be gone for a few days.

Yes, the boys would be all my responsibility through to Tuesday – No Pressure! As we drove home from the airport, they were already say how they “missed mommy” and my head was wrapped around providing everything for them in the meantime.

What really hit home was just what it was going to take to survive the start of the week sans my wife and mother to the children. From there, I started to think deep about my own role as father, and what my father meant to me personally.

Celebrating Father’s Day is more about giving one day to openly respect and appreciate the men who are a father to their children. I need to be clear here, being a “Baby-Daddy” does not qualify you for this, you have to be there. Sending a child-support payment once a month doesn’t give you license to be called a father, you have to BE there.

Being There

This is all about the time you spend, every day, caring for, nurturing, mentoring, and ultimately providing for your children. This is about wiping snotty noses, changing dirty diapers, giving baths, and the many other less-than-graceful experiences that come with the job.

I’m not saying here that I do as much as my wife does (clearly, I would never make that statement), but for the many things I can and should be doing, this is what I’m supposed to be doing. Being there and being an active father means is about the parental things our parents did, to guide us and lead us down a good path.

Aside from being a role model and life instructor, language coach, and ultimate authority figure, our jobs are to protect and provide for our kid’s every need. Sure sure we need to give them some of what they “want” but that’s par for the course.

Every day I’m reminded of the reason why I’m alive today – I get to look at my children grow and hear all of the new things they say daily. Seeing them is precious, being there with them is the reward. Worth more than all the gold in Fort Knox.


Happy Birthday To Philip Wing 6_17 | You will be missed forever | Time is a great healer of pain. I wish you were here today to see Miles & Sasha, they are a part of you, and you a part of them.

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