The NBA and Instant Replay BS

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Recently the NBA officials started to look at video footage of SOME parts of games recently, to determine if there was a foul, or if that was a 3 pointer, or just a 2 point shot. This is a slippery slope, and I’m throwing up a yellow card now before things get ugly.

The NBA is started to head down a path that the NFL took a few years ago, and I have to say that it smells the same. I get how football is different, ok, but really?

Basketball is a sport played and officiated in a very subjective manner, so why screw things up by adding in the “Instant Replay” element?

Here’s the scenario – An NBA ref calls a foul, blows the whistle, and makes the call. A player gets a foul shot (or more), and the game rolls on. Good call, bad call, or indifferent, that was the call. No matter how upset a team or coach will get, that’s just the way it IS.

Now, they’re starting to select some parts to review (randomly, maybe?) and in a few cases, the total score can be changed, a foul given to a player (or another), one team gains possession and one loses it, and everything in between.

The problem here is that right or wrong, these calls are made by some of the best referees that the NBA can get, but they are human! They will make mistakes, and for what it’s worth, I’m willing to live with that. Are You?

The element of Instant Replay is going to eat at the sport and create this extra layer of BS the game doesn’t need. What’s next – you going to give neon flags to the coaches, and give them 2 replays per game, and penalize them with a loss of a timeout? BS! What’s going to happen when this is used to change the outcome of a game? Are the fans going to reject or embrace it?

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Random Thoughts On The Game….

I think if you really want to make the game nuts – give each team the ability to call in any player (from any team, time or league), after the 2 minute warning buzzes by. Can you imagine? The coach can use an app to substitute in any all-star player when the team needs them the most.

I can just see it now – NBA Championship Finals – The team goes into a ¬†huddle, 45 seconds left and down by 9, this is intense! The coach raises up the “Wildcard Substitution Card”…. and… pulls out a ’95 “Knick Killer” Reggie Miller out of the hat!

(Buzzer Sounds) – Heat player Chris Bosh, inbounds to Reggie Miller in the corner – Posts up – Shoots – Scores! Three points for Miller with 40 seconds to go.

Now that’s a turn for the good the NBA would like – none of this “instant replay” BS.

By Louis Wing

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  1. About your ideas for the game.. Funny, I just read another sports blog about the NBA Finals with the Miami Heat and OKC… How Timely!

    “… with 16.2 seconds left and the Heat holding a three-point lead. James hit the second of two free throws to make it a four-point game, a two-possession game, and it was essentially over.

    Reggie Miller wasn’t walking through that door, and the Thunder would have no miracle finish.” [I read this on ]

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