Why Boxing Can’t Be Taken Seriously

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In the wake of the wild controversy following the Pacquiao vs Bradley boxing match, I just don’t know how the sport is going to recover.

Like many other boxing fans, I watched the fight on PPV and I sat in disbelief following the decision. Are you kidding me?

I watched Bradley take a whooping from Manny “Pac-Man” Pacquiao ¬†and we all thought he won, without hesitation. The fight stats show up and they were accurate in showing how many power punches thrown and landed, as well as the total punches thrown and landed. Clearly, Pacquiao won and there was no question.

But wait – the decision comes down… and Bradley wins? What The F…?

The promoter Bob Arum can ask for all of the investigations he wants, but this smells.. and smells really bad.

For years people have thought that there were “fixes” in place for specific bouts, but this is a prime example of how this sport has gotten WAY off track. It’s one thing to say it’s “subjective” and we can all understand that, but there’s no way (if you saw the fight you’d have to agree with me) that Bradley won. Just no way.

I’m sure millions of people will think twice before spending hard-earned cash on a fake PPV boxing event, because that’s what we’re all thinking now… that this as real as reality TV, and we all know that…

By Louis Wing

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