Great Lunch at Samurai in Pinecrest FL

Samurai Restaurant Teppanyaki Pinecrest-FLNormally I don’t take the time to post about where I eat or a fantastic meal, but I was so impressed with Samurai this past weekend I felt obligated to post something about it.

Our favorite place to get a teppanyaki¬†meal is Called Samurai, and this is a restaurant owned and operated by the good folks at Benihana. ¬†This has long been a local’s favorite, and as I mentioned … ours too.

The restaurant recently did some expansion and renovation, which came out really nicely. The entrance was opened up a little, and the decor of the entry and bar area was changed from pleasant and (blah), to engaging and modern!

Aside from the redecorating, there’s just so much I can say about the food itself. I am a huge fan of teppanyaki, primarily because you can see your meal being prepared right in front of you, so it really can’t get any fresher than that….it just can’t! All of the ingredients are right there for you to look at, and its all cooked less than a foot from your plate. Can’t get any better than this in my humble opinion.

We went there to celebrate the birthday of our 2 year old (Sasha), and we stopped in at Samurai with our Kabuki Kids Club coupon that Samurai had mailed to us. While I’m usually impressed with the service here, it wasn’t stellar this visit, but I’ll give them a pass because I think the waiter was new (no reason to put someone down for being new).

We ordered the Rocky Special, with chicken and beef, all of us got the special fried rice. Sooooo good!

While I was there.. I checked in via FourSquare and earned my Bento Badge! WaSAAAAAAA!

By Louis Wing

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