Why It’s Good To Be “The Goose” Tony Siragusa

This is a funny one, and it’s 100% true. I’m a big guy, and I have been told on a number of occasions that I “look like” Tony Siragusa aka “The Goose” who was a superbowl champ from the Baltimore Ravens.

I’m not Italian, I’m actually Jewish and (yes) I do have a “similar” build to that of The Goose, barrel-chested if you will. Yes, I did play football in HS, but nothing organized since my fraternity days at the University of MD.

But I tell you that it happens every month.. Somebody asks me if I’ve ever been told this, and how I look “Just Like” Tony Siragusa. I would start to answer and I always end up telling THIS Story (True Story, really).

So a few years back I was visiting my parents who live in Maryland, and we drove into Baltimore’s Little Italy section for dinner, my mom was raving about the veal, and my dad was of course saying that the service was great.

I’m not sure what the name of the restaurant, thats almost not important. I walked in a few steps after my parents, and I hear the Maitre’D  that it “was going to be about a 45 minute to 1 hour wait” for a table. My mom was dissapointed, and said “wow, thats a long time, you guys must be busy.” It was Saturday night, the place was packed.

I walk up and put my arm around my mom and said kinda loudly  “hey Ma, whats goin on here” .. in somewhat of a joking manner… and I tell you that what happened next was hysterical. I overheard a busboy saying to the manager “hey boss, that’s him, thats the goose! It’s the goose!”

The manager popped out in front of the Maitre’D and literally pushed him aside and said in a hushed voice “Oh hey, just give me a minute and we’ll get you taken care of..”  I replied “sure thing man” and he ran away and started barking orders to the wait staff and that busyboy. They literally scrambled around, tore down a serving station on the side of the dining area, assembled a large table and set it up in about 1 minute flat. Amazing!

I watched all this and held in my laughs, all while my mom was asking me “what’s happening here, what did you do?” .. I could only hush my mother so much, but she understood I was playing something and went along with it.

A few minutes later we were all sat down, literally in front of a bunch of other people, and were served with a smile.

Now, I think it took them a while to realize, as people kept peering out from the kitchen and staring at me and my parents.. that it wasn’t the goose, that I was NOT Tony Siragusa, but we stayed and enjoyed an amazing Italian dinner.

I didn’t sign any autographs or anything, so I can only assume they figured it out. Must be good to be the goose. Heeeyyyy Tony!

The inside joke is… I’m not Italian, but I play one on TV.

By Louis Wing

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  1. Recently I ended up telling this story (again, with laughter) to a new friend at work.

    After talking about this, they asked “What Italian Restaurant was this?”

    So what do we do when we don’t know something? We call home to MOM! So I did speak with my Mom and she says Chiparelli’s is her favorite Italian Restaurant in Little Italy in Baltimore, MD.

    Based on that, and pictures I found on Google (so I recognize the outside, the entry), I think this is the place we went to that night.

    She also said that she likes Sabatino’s and Aldo’s too, so if you’re headed down that way, you have some good options to choose from.

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