Why Tim Tebow Is Great For The NFL And Pro Sports

It seems like every time I turn on SportsCenter or another sports commentary show on TV, there’s commentary on Tim Tebow.

Most of this is good, but alot of it is stupid rhetoric about “if” he’s good for the sport, for the Bronco’s, etc. What a load of crap!

Today, I’m inspired to write this post because one of these TV sports reporters made a perfect comment that really hit home with me… and now I’m writing this to you.

The commentator made the very simple but elegant statement that… “how are we passing judgement on Tim Tebow?” Most of the other players are praised for their yardage, and yet we are taught to ignore the late-night arrests at strip clubs, the bar fights, drunk driving,  and everything else these pro players do in their “off-time.”  Now here comes Tim Tebow, who’s off-the-field life is to some degree dedicated to G_d, and we’re here questioning that? We’re making fun of that? How is that possible?

Taking that series of comments to the discussion here, I have to say it all makes perfect sense. Here’s a guy who is a devout Christian (something positive), and happens to be a quarterback of a professional sports team. So my question to you is – doesn’t that make him a better person? A better representative of professional sports? I think so!

I remember that a commentator had once praised Shaq for NOT getting arrested, for NOT getting into bar fights at a strip club, and for being more of a positive role model for others. We now know that Shaq was actually just as “bad” as the other NBA ballers who were often seeing multiple women, and living the fast-lane-life. I don’t blame Shaq for any of it, just as much as I don’t blame the other ballers who did this is all in a more “public” setting and didn’t care if they were known to frequent strip clubs – who cares really?

Photo Credit - Jeffrey Beall

The point I’m trying to make is this – I’m no Broncos fan, nor a Gators fan either (G_d forbid), but I am becoming a fan of Tim Tebow. I am a Redskins fan, but I will root for Tim Tebow whenever he plays.

I support people who live with conviction and aren’t afraid to say they play for Team Jesus, thats ok with me! I think he’s a positive role model for our youth, and while I’m not Christian, I applaud someone who stands up for what they believe (regardless if I agree or not).

You never saw Randy Moss or T.O. talking about their faith in G_d, but we praised them for being the “top players” at their respective positions, right? I don’t see either of Archie Manning’s kids talking about how religion has shaped their passion to win, but I do see the commercials for products they endorse, and we put them up on a tall pedestal.

I say give Tim Tebow a break and let him play… after all – this is all about the game, right?

By Louis Wing

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