New Years Resolutions Schmezolutions – Stop Fooling Yourself

If you’re alive and breathing in the early days of January, you’re going to be bombarded with commercials using the word RESOLUTION every 10 seconds. Yes, this bullshit is going to be on the radio, TV, internet, and everywhere else.

What I find funny about all this is that people don’t need to have another year pass before they decide to do something different for themselves. I think all this talk about your “new years resolutions” is the biggest load of phooey.

Seriously, if you need to lose weight or quit smoking, do you need to do this any MORE after you just spent the holidays binging on fatty foods, or was it the overindulgence of the season itself? If you need to do ____, then stop yapping about it with friends and just get to it. Stop BSing everyone with your “resolutions” that won’t mean anything come February.

I think this whole this is just as much “canned marketing” as the punchline of jokes, or the generic-fake conversations you had at the new years party you are still slightly hungover from. Really?  You’re drunk and you’re telling me how you’re really motivated this year to lose 50 pounds?!? That’s great – good luck with that ok?

As much as the whole xmas shopping season has totally become a commercially-driven retail experience (with little or nothing really about the religious roots that the holidays are supposed to be about), new years resolutions are the next phase of this marketing bonanza. The culmination of the year’s BIG boom geared towards consumerism. So after you’ve drained your bank account and maxed out your credit card, now you can put a few goals on a list and that should mean something?

Marketers use this end-of-the-year phenomenon to sell you gym memberships, diet plans, and drugs (the quit smoking ones).  Am I the only person that sees through all of this crap? I just don’t think so.  I’m sure other people are bound to be just as annoyed at this as I am.

Were you in the corner of the room at the NYE party feeling sad or lonely? Think the only reason why you’re sitting there (drunk and single) is because you’re too fat, dressed funny, or broke? Nope, while that might have contributed to your status, its really your lack of motivation and ability to just make some decisions about your life and stick with it. Once you have this part down, everything else just falls into place. Seriously.

My only advice to someone in this spot is… forget about making some list of “things” you want to do to improve your life, and sharing it with your friends this week..stop it! Make the list, and post it on your fridge, and just do it! Don’t write the word “Resolutions” on this paper because that means it won’t have any real value to you, it will only be reduced to some paper, some ink, and alot of bullshit. Now that’s real!

I guess part of the reason I think this way is that I made conscious decisions this year to make changes in my life, and I didn’t need a day on the calendar to help me with that.  I know I can lose some pounds, and I’m at the gym every other day. I’m not saying that I’m all good then, but I have the right mentality for what I need to do. I have real goals and objectives.

I think it’s totally fake to see celebrity-endorsed ads for weight loss and diet plans; Janet Jackson is now on her “Get On It” campaign for weight loss… Good for her.  Does my version of the diet plan come with a personal trainer too? I didn’t want to get too far down the rabbit hole on this, but I’m just sayin…

Do what you intend to do, improve yourself (always) and be a good person. The rest is easy.

By Louis Wing

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