Xmas Toys and Eco-Friendly Packaging

After going through this past Christmas and holiday gift-giving, (mostly for the kids of course), I have wrapped, unwrapped, and added batteries to more toys than I can count.

In doing this, I’ve seen so many different kinds of packaging and noticed how all of them are done differently; mostly with eco-unfriendly plastic packaging. You know the kind i’m talking about, this whole toy is literally encased in clear plastic, and its attached to the box with several hard-plastic and wire twisties. You nearly need a wrench or a heavy-duty pair of scissors to get the toy out of the package.

To be clear, I’m not knocking the toy itself because IT might be made of plastic, but I’m just looking at the packaging itself. I think we all remember when we went to a music store and bought a CD, and how the whole thing was a cardboard sleeve, and entombed in heavy plastic. So it’s that kind of plastic wrapping and packaging that I think is overkill. Horrible for the environment, and never easy to open.

Sure, I get that the retail goods industry is challenged with packaging their items in something attractive and stylish, while protecting the goods from damage at the same time. I know this is not easy, and it is costly too. But, does everything have to be in this plastic-clad shell? NO!

While 90% of the toys I help my kids “open” this past week were basically put inside these plastic fortresses, there were two exceptions.. and I guess it’s no coincidence that they came from the same company – Marvel.  Awesome toys done right!

I was really impressed! Not only did the toys NOT come engulfed in plastic, but they also made smart use of recyclable cardboard, and hemp twist-ties that were attached to small cardboard pieces. Both toys were very easy to open and/or unwrap, but all I had to do was break down some cardboard afterwards and put that into the recycle bin.

Specificially, we bought our two boys matching Spiderman Web Slinger String Shooters, and we also got them a Marvel Comics Captain America Shield Toy that shoots discs. First of all, the toys are damn cool! I know I’m dating myself here when I say “we just didn’t have cool toys  like this back in my day…” but seriously these are very cool.  Almost wish I could go back in time and get these kinds of toys. I digress!

Take a look at the photos of these toy boxes, its just a box and the item, no heavy plastic wrap or shell!

In a nutshell, I just wanted to thank the good folks at Marvel and their packaging team for doing the right thing. This is a great example of how a company that is modern and relevant, can actively choose to package their products in an eco-friendly manner, while still being cool and attractive.

My kids love most of their new toys, but I’m happier knowing that some of the packages they came in won’t end up in a growing landfill, for thousands of years.

Thanks Again Marvel!

By Louis Wing

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