On Speaking of Good Karma

Good KarmaI recently did something that most people might find unusual, but it felt really good to do. This felt so good that I wanted to share my experience, maybe this could rub off some good Karma for you too.

I firmly believe in Karma and its intuitive powers, it just knows. It’s not even about Murphy’s Law at this point, it’s all about good karma. As I’ve grown older (damn am I saying this?), I have grown to respect and really put a value on good friends and relationships. I believe that surrounding myself with good people (that are going places, being positive and productive), is an important part of my own individual growth.

What does this have to do with Karma? As with most people, I have done things in the past that I regret, and some of these are times when I’ve done the wrong thing. It doesn’t happen often I don’t think, but I’ll admit to doing some “things” in my life that I regret, just things or times really when I didn’t use the best judgement, and the outcome was negative.  There aren’t a whole lot of things in my life that I think about in this light, but needless to say, there are a few times in my life I’d quickly ask for a “do-over” and do things differently. For a few of these actions, I feel as if I’ve earned some bad karma points. Time to shave them off and get a fresh view on things.

Now, when we talk about these “things” someone will invariably say “hey, hindsight is 20/20…” but that’s all based on the notion that one can’t go back and make a change to make the outcome different. Mentioning the “hindsight” is our way of commiserating with others, letting them know we’ve made mistakes too… not to worry about it. But that’s not really a solution though, it still leaves the bad aftertaste.

I challenge that notion, and I do believe we can go back (well, not so literally – no time machines here), but we can go back and make it right.

Making It Right – Going Back and “Righting” A Wrong | Making Good On Old Mistakes In Life

There are a few times when my active mind is winding down, or running on idle… and on those occasions I often drift into thoughts about random stuff. Sometimes when I do this, I get a good run of positive things, and sometimes not. When it’s the latter, and regretful or bad juju or (mojo) exists on a memory. This can be something BIG or small, vague or vivid, it doesn’t matter. Sometimes this can be as little as remembering how we laughed at an inappropriate time, we said something dumb, or worse, made an error in judgement, etc…. I think you get the point here.

So for every one of those types of moments in our lives, my guess is that we remember a handful of these that stand out for whatever reason. For some of us, like me for example, I have a few of these “things” that stand out in my brain, and I think of them occasionally. I’m sure if you think about it for a moment, you’ll get a few examples for yourself. Try this for a minute, write this junk down. You may want to write these in your own chicken-scratch code, in case any of it is NSFW/H.

These moments or things represent times or places where we carry some guilt, because we know we could have handled that better, or done the right thing. Whatever they are, these are just “things” that we THINK we cannot go back and change, not the event(s) themselves, but maybe, just maybe – the outcome of it.

What Does One Do? Steps To Make A Wrong Into A Right

I recently set out to make a wrong into a right, and here’s what I did… One moment I wasn’t proud of in my life, was a time when I took something from a friend. I am not a dishonest person (I wouldn’t consider myself one), and I don’t steal as a rule. This particular instance is one of my “things” which still runs across my brain once in a while, and I wanted to change that.

In this moment I stole from a friend, and I’ve never been able to let go of it. It really burned me that I did this, and I thought I’d never outlive the stigma of having stolen from them, and that I’d always be weighed down by it. Bad Karma? Maybe!

I see this friend online in some of my social circles (fbook, email, etc)… he used to be such a good friend and I am sure we have just as much in common now as we did before. He was the chef at my fraternity house, and he was part of the family. I’ve wanted to join on some of the conversations where this person is connected, but I haven’t.  I just think about this “thing” and I don’t comment. Another moment in my life where something negative exists.

During one night recently I had a brain-fart… Guess I was working on some good chi I had collected. My thought was “let me write to Tim (his actual name) and tell him I’m sorry (own up to my own shit), and ask for forgiveness.” I did it, and I sent the letter.

I enclosed a gift card to replace the dollar value of what I’d taken, and I explained myself thoroughly; in the end asking for forgiveness.

I haven’t gotten a response yet, I’m just waiting for a call with some response. But as of right now, I’ve already done something that I consider a HUGE thing. I’ve made an effort to turn something negative into something positive. I don’t have a whole bunch of these “things” on my list, not like Jason Lee’s character in “My Name Is Earl” where he has a five-page list of people he’s wronged… but I have a couple things I’d like to make up for. This was just one of those things.

No matter what the response, I already feel good about having done the right thing here. I already feel some relief in that I tried to make up for something that I did wrong, for a time that I took advantage – when I let a situation get the best of me. For this was a moment and an action that I’m not proud of, but I can be proud that I turned around and tried (even though years have past) to do right by it.

I’ll let you know what Tim comes back with, but I think he’s an easy-going guy that probably will appreciate my letter and request. I wonder if he even remembered, but that’s not even the point.

The point here is that Karma is a ____ and I wanted to play it right. I’m sending it out to the universe, just as simple as sending a letter in the mail.

Keep you posted!

Do The Right Thing – Or Go Back and Make It Right

By Louis Wing

2 Comments on On Speaking of Good Karma

  1. I ended up speaking with Tim on Friday, and he had received my letter and apology request.

    He was more than happy to grant me an acceptance, and added that he wasn’t really sure that he remembered, but overwhelmingly appreciative of my gesture.

    I’m so happy I did this, I feel so much better. I hope that with this life exercise… I’ll continue to make better decisions, and be able to own up to my own mistakes. I certainly learned a bit about myself, and my conscious is a little lighter tonight. I’m no longer weighed down by this particular “thing” on my brain, and I’m definitely step happier for following through.

    For anyone out there reading this, its so worth it to be proactive and make positive moves in your life.

  2. I finally met up with Tim (and another good friend) for lunch! This was a long time coming, and I did so with a clear conscious.

    Looking back at the whole time since I had the idea to apologize for my actions, to sending the apology letter, getting his response, and up through the lunch… this effort has been in motion for a while now.

    After all the time has elapsed, it was totally worth it. Tim is great, and we plan to get together more often, since myself and a few people are local in the PA area.

    This was proof positive that things are going in the right direction, and that you can make a difference if you want to.

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