Making The Jump Back to Traditional Shaving

I finally made the move away from disposable razors, back to a “traditional” shave with a Double-Edged Safety Razor. So simple – you just can’t imagine how you’re getting the best shave of your life without an expensive disposable that has too many blades and all kinds of lubricating strips.

What a difference in results! All this with an old-school razor that takes advantage of 70 year old shaving technology!

Speaking of the shaving gear… After reading up on traditional wet shaving for some time, I ended up buying all of the pieces I needed from an online store called Here I found all kinds of shaving accessories and supplies. They feature classic shaving stuffs that I never thought would be so popular, but are really are making a HUGE comeback.

With the help of their friendly staff, I put together my own shaving kit that included the following items: A DE Safety Razor, Apothecary-Style Shave Mug, Badger Shave Brush, Shaving Soap, and of course – razor blades!

The blades here need to be paid attention to here, as this is really what makes the difference in the experience AND how I’m going to save big bucks by using this shave system. Yes, the blades themselves are important. The razor blades for my DE Razor are the old-school, standard, no frills, inexpensive, sharp, you guessed it – razor blades. In case you are all about the math, replacement razor blades are about $0.17 per blade. How’s that for savings?!?

These razors typically come in boxes of 5 or more (you can buy boxes with more), but this is golden. The replacement blades are easily available, and they’re inexpensive! For a moment, lets all pay attention to the blades alone. You make a small investment into the razor and your shave kit, but it won’t cost you an arm and a leg to refill your kit with fresh blades. Compared to buying a box of the latest Gillette Mach 99 cartridges – that cost about $45 for 5, and unless you are blind, the savings are written on the wall in BIG letters. I spent about $70 total on my shaving kit (I could have spent less), and now I’m set forever!

Expensive razor cartridges are a ripoffKnowing what I know now, it makes me think that disposable razors with multiple blades is a whole lotta marketing and hype, and a real ripoff to the consumer. We keep getting hammered with fantastic ads about the “latest and greatest” razors and shaving technology… blah blah blah! All BS! How many blades now? What? A NEW KIND of LUBRICATING STRIP THINGY? No more Tug-and-Pull? WOW! It’s all bs.. we should be smart enough to recognize it for what it really is.  The old school way is cheaper and better!

Anyways, I digress – Back to the experience I had with the shaving!

So I get my whole shaving kit in a matter of days, that was some fast shipping! The good folks at wrapped everything together for me and packed it nicely in the box with some eco-friendly packing peanuts, everything came safe and sound.

Use The Shave Brush and Work Up A Good Lather. Prepare The Beard

I now have a complete mug shaving set and razor setup that looks good, and it works – I couldn’t wait to grow enough beard to shave it all of with my new kit… That opportunity came to me last night

I got all of my stuff together in the bathroom and filled my mug with hot water, got the razor setup with a new blade, and wet my brush to get the party started. Of course I wet my face too, have to do some prep like I normally would before shaving. I used the shave brush and soap to lather up my face and really work in the suds to get the beard ready.  I did this for a minute and it actually feels good! Not like shave cream in a can that you just smear all over your face.

Always Shave With The Grain

So I had read up on how to “shave with the grain” and NOT to press down on my face, that a light draping of the razor across the beard works really well. We are taught to press down hard with the disposables because thats how they’re engineered to work!  If you don’t, you won’t get a close shave with the expensive disposables. Totally opposite with the DE Razor, this was easy and just required a little attention to detail.

As this was my first time using this, I was definitely cautious! Especially around my lip and other areas, I took advice from friends and went slow. No need to rush and cut myself up here!

The end result was amazing! I have a really smooth shave and I’m not all scraped up, my skin isn’t even slightly irritated. I’m so impressed with this piece of “old” technology; I got a better shave (close to the perfect shave), and I’m going to save a ton of money too.

Yes, I have to be honest here –  I did nick myself a little and I know why… I rush a spot and I went against the grain, but that was really the first patch I shaved, the rest went smooth and easy.

It was all worth it, the first woman who saw me this morning walking into the office today said “Wow, you look all handsome and clean-shaven this morning” – Priceless!

Special Thanks To… Gillette for ripping me off all these years, so much so that I decided to look into this! And the good folks at for getting me setup with my new shave gear!

By Louis Wing

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