Netflix Needs To Get It’s Act Together Quick

Let me just say that I’m one of the million customers who cancelled my service with Netflix after the outrageous price hike and company split. Amongst many others who didn’t like getting jacked on pricing, I also didn’t appreciate the split either… all of this was just a convoluted clusterfuck!

Consumers are fickle, sure. But overall, we just want a simple deal that’s easy-to-use. The BIG deal here is that we all had a service that we used and really liked, and the company just went and got greedy and messed it all up. Yes, I hear that the cost of streaming is higher and we probably should be paying more, but really? Double the price? Not so fast!

We like the fact that we could use our Wii or other game system to stream a movie instantly. As it was, Netflix was a good supplement or even replacement to the “On Demand” system that our cable providers offered, and it was certainly more cost effective. I never had a problem with how the service worked, as it just did exactly what we wanted.

So what do we do now? Well, while the industry is still sitting here with it’s thumbs up there asses, consumers are getting more frustrated, and the music industry should be enough of an example of what happens when consumers get annoyed. Anyone remember Napster? I sure do! The latest incarnation of that for movies is BitTorrent – another way to share and download just about anything, including movies.

While the movie industry hates this, they should realize that consumers don’t want to be lied to or price gouged either. If there is no easy option, most of these former paying customers will do what they can do to watch their movies, using BitTorrent and/or other options available. Keep in Mind… technology is in our hands! We know how to burn DVDs and play them on our home entertainment systems.

When the music industry continued to rip us all off for a CD, charging $20 for about 10 songs, claiming that their costs were high, and that producing CD’s was actually more expensive… BLAH BLAH BLAH! I can download just the songs I want for free, screw you music companies! And we know thata CD takes about a minute or less to burn, and costs less than a buck. I wonder if the music execs would treat us differently if we could go back in time. humm.. I bet they would!

As of today, Netflix is reversing their decision to split their company into two… Guess they finally figured out that causing confusion to their customer base… wasn’t such a good idea. Go Figure!

With the lack of options available, this creates a vacuum for consumers seeking a ¬†better option, and Blockbuster has teamed up with DISH to do just that. I’m not really digging their offer, as I don’t want to sign up for DISH to get a streaming option for movies. I’d rather just keep using my wii as I had been.

Wonder if these companies will get the message… was losing a million customers a loud enough message?

By Louis Wing

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