Saturday Afternoon Pass to Peg’s Pocket Pool Hall

Peg's Pockets Billiards Bar Pool Hall Miami, FL
Peg’s Pockets Billiards Bar Pool Hall Miami, FL

So I get a call from a friend who is down for a little drive down my way, and I have a signed hall pass from the wife. We head out to Peg’s Pocket Billiards Bar in Pinecrest, FL for a few pitchers of beer and some good times.

I wanted to find a cool place to hang out and catch up with my pal Chad and down a few beers at the same time. Another friend Craig was supposed to join up, but he bailed.

I do a search on a miami club, bar & lounge directory and I find out that Peg’s Pockets is right around the corner!  Cool deal – Game on!

Got in and the place is almost empty, not surprising when you consider it was around 2pm on a Saturday, but I’ll take that anyday. No waiting for a table, and the beer was cold. Speaking of.. we start out with a cold pitcher of Bud Light to get the afternoon festivities going. The chap behind the bar was friendly and we got the “special” for a table and all that. By the time we left (let’s just say a couple of hours later), the place was starting to fill in a bit with a few other tables lighting up and a couple of Pro Billiards Players that started to play across the room.

This is what you think of when you think of a typical (ok stereotype) pool hall, neon signs, pool tables, beer on tap and its kinda dark. Well maybe even a bit dank… but thats what you come to expect when you are looking for a billiards bar. Now, while I was there I’m thinking maybe it would be awesome to buy a joint like this and fix it up, paint the place, do some carpentry.. but why? There’s a certain charm about a place that you know the carpet needs to go, and there’s not even that much in the way of extra’s here, just the basics you’d think a pool hall has to have and not much more.

As we drink along and realize we’re both not that good at pool, we also comment that this is ok as neither one of us is really trying to win, just hang out and burn away a few hours of the day. I could say “mission accomplished” and all that, but it hit the spot.

If you’re ever down this way – check out Peg’s Pockets! Bring some friends and the desire to drink a few brews and chill. That’s how it goes down in this part of Miami and it was damn cool.

Here are some more pictures of the place and the outside:

By Louis Wing

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