Why I Love My Sirius Satellite Radio

I just went through a 3-4 month time period when I DIDN’T have my satellite radio, and I hated it. I felt like I was suffering through withdrawal,… the shakes were starting to get sirius!

I was missing my 80’s & 90’s Rock, I was missing my old school Hip Hop!

My credit card had changed and one of the things I had on auto-pay was my Sirius, and I just neglected to get the billing taken care of, so my service was disconnected (rightfully so) after a brief grace period. Then… just out of circumstance and waiting for a new card, and all that… i didn’t have my satellite radio on for a few months. What a drag!

I hate (yes I hate) terrestrial radio. Let me repeat that just because I can..I hate terrestrial radio. Aside from the lack of programming, which at best gives you get a few channels in your city, and the choices typically are slim pickins.

Whats worse than that? THE DAMN COMMERCIALS!

Let me just take a minute to rant about those DAMN COMMERCIALS. First, I’m only in the car for a few minutes at a time maybe 10-15 minutes tops. So while I’m taking that short drive I have to switch between those 2-3 crappy channels to get something to LISTEN TO. Listen to… now there’s an interesting concept.

Do I really want to listen to A) Some talking DJ yapping about this and that, B) DAMN COMMERCIALS, C) Talk Radio [meh], or D) None of the above.

You guessed it, its D, none of the above! I WANT TO LISTEN TO MUSIC! Now, I don’t want to take away from anyone who likes talk radio, its just not my thing, kudus to you if you like that kinda thing, not my cup of tea. I prefer MUSIC.

With my Sirius, I can choose from 3-5 options from each genre of music out there. So there’s about 10 different kinds of Rock and Roll, 5 or so Jazz stations, Hip Hop, and the list goes on! There’s comedy, sports, and for those who like talk radio, thats there too. Again, I’m not into that or even country, or classical music.. but if you do – then you’re totally set!

I remember there was a commercial (on TV of course) that I watched for satellite radio.. where the person turned on their regular radio in the car, and as they drove out of the driveway, there were non-stop commercials for everything under the sun. The TV commercial totally nailed it.

Why would I want to sit and listen to a 1/2 hour of commercials for every 15 minute of music? I wouldn’t! No thank you!

I think its funny how radio broadcasters (a dying breed of business), are raving about how free HD Radio is the answer. What a load of bullshit! Sure, HD radio sounds better (than regular radio)and has some benefits, but its the same load of commercials! And HD radio can’t compare to the digital-quality you get with satellite, not even a competition here… Satellite wins everyday. And if I drive from Miami to Tampa… could I listen to the same station? NO! Would that be commercial-free? NO!

In my opinion HD radio is just a trick by broadcasters and electronics manufacturers to get you to buy a new radio, but HD radio is really the SSDD.

In case you don’t have Satellite radio (either XM or Sirius) .. here’s what you are missing… Pay a few dollars a month for a great service that brings you happiness. Take a look at the channels I get to LISTEN TO:

I know this might be a little tough to read, see the whole list online at http://www.siriusxm.com/channellineup

So the next time you find yourself changing the channel on your regular radio, looking for something to LISTEN TO. Think about making the switch to Satellite radio. I did, and I’m never going back.

By Louis Wing

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