What Happens When SuperMom Goes On A Business Trip

All Hell Breaks Loose?!? Well… No,  but it was a taste of madness for a few days at our house when my wife went away on a business trip. Just a reflection on this experience from a man’s perspective.

The kids were crying, the food wasn’t the same, and I didn’t sleep that well either. I have a new level of respect for my wife and the role she plays – SuperMom.

So my wife headed out of town for just a couple days and it felt like things just screeched to a halt… think of the sound when the DJ just stops the record and the quick stopping of the song. If you know THAT sound, you get what I’m talking about.

I had a complete and very thorough “list” that covered everything from the kids lunches, to what goes in their school bags, even my OWN lunch and breakfast. Imagine that!

Even with the BIG list, I still got flustered at all of this stuff! I know that she doesn’t need the list, its all in her head… so its a tad easier for her, but not much really. This is really hard work!

I tried my best to get ahead of the curve by making the kids lunches the night before… one of boys likes his PB&J without the crust, the other will eat anything… One needs a juice box, the other a sippy cup – the list goes on and on.

I also had to get up about an hour earlier too, because my wife takes our teenager to school every morning, and sometimes has to deal with the younger boys (who wake up early and run around) at the same time.

There’s no telling them to sit quietly while you’re putting their school bag together, they just don’t really listen! AAAAAGGGHHHH!!!!!!!…get the boys ready, change their clothes, brush their teeth, put their lunch in the bag – Oh Snap! .. Did they get their vitamins this morning?!


One of them asked where mommy was, and wanted to know if we “could just get in the car and drive there now?!”… the other (the baby) just kept looking for mommy and was just not happy. With no room to manuver, I just did the best I could.Overall I didn’t do that bad, but I have to say – I really don’t want her job. All this AND she makes dinner at night!

I just can’t do it. I have a new respect for her – really I do.  Not that I didn’t respect what she did before this trip, or had any less appreciation of her duties or even how much she actually does to make our household run… but now I REALLY do think she’s not just a Mom..

SHE’S SUPERMOM. And honey if you’re reading this – LOVE YOU! Don’t go away again anytime soon. Aside from the kids missing you… I can’t make oatmeal right if my life depended on it! That and a few hundred other things, but who’s counting right?

By Louis Wing

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  1. That was nice to thank her for all she does and recognize her. Will you help her more now that you know all that she does?

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