Idiots Pay Consultant To Name Their Child

I was at the gym last night working out, and I had the distinct opportunity (forced really) of watching the premiere episode of Bravo TV’s latest reality show production – Pregnant In Heels. I say “forced” because the TV’s in front of elliptical machines are always on, and you can’t change the channel.

I have to admit though, this was entertaining… but I’m not sure if it’s for the same reasons Bravo would have me entertained. Maybe its all the same, maybe they don’t care about WHY I am entertainment, but only if that I AM entertained.

First, the “power couple” that  needed help in naming their soon-to-be-born son. I am thrilled that my son’s name (Miles) was one of the names being tossed around, but seriously  folks! The wife is a writer…and the husband is an entrepreneur…and neither of them could really come up with a good name?!? Huh? I have met a few idiots like this, but never seen such a display  of idiocracy in my life. The wife was talking about how she’s a “personal branding expert” and that a “BRAND” is…. BlahBlahBlahBlah… I had already tuned her out. How full of POMP can one be? Apparently, its possible to be VERY FULL OF IT. Upscale, Low-Class Losers!

Wow, I watched all of this unfold as I’m listening to some music on my droid, seeing the text on the tv, displaying all of their stupid commentary as they get the reactions from the focus group. Oh Wait, yeah, the main character in this show (Rosie Pope, Maternity Concierge) actually put together a focus group to help with the name. Part of me really wished she would have just smacked this couple across the face (hard) and get them to wake up and create a name they liked..putting all of their “Branding” aside.

I do like Rosie, you can tell she’s a smart business woman who saw a niche in the maternity world, and tapped into a wealthy parade of clients who are popping out kids. Kudos to Rosie, she’s a smart cookie. Her clients on the other hand, need some serious help.

Another couple was in denial about their child’s homecoming altogether, and Rosie was smart enough to bring a head shrink to their meeting to knock some sense in them. That worked, and I give Rosie some props for seeing that disaster brewing and doing the right thing. Imagine a couple that wasn’t excited about having a baby?!? As a parent to three, I think these people were just about to get on the scariest rollercoaster ride ever, and were about to freak out.  Their way of coping was to “delay” and not prepare at all. Four weeks to go and not a stroller in sight? GTFO! Got Diapers? (NO, and no baby clothes either)? RED FLAG!

Anyways  – I didn’t want to get caught up in the Bravo hype, I won’t be tuning in on purpose going forward, but I will probably see it at the gym regardless, seems like Bravo owns the time slot when I’m working out. If I catch it again (I hope to see Rosie smack some peoples)!

By Louis Wing

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