The Punch, The Grenade Whistle, and Other Jersey Shore Ruminations

Wow, tell me that you guys saw Sammi throw a fit and punch Ronnie in the face!?! BAM!
Hell hath no fury… like a Sammi scorned. Last night was another episode of the popular train-wreck reality show Jersey Shore. If you’re not tuning in, you’re missing out!

I’m happy that the shore crew got rid of Angelina (hated her), and that they’ve gone back to Seaside Heights where they can truly shine. They basically got snubbed here in the 305, so going back-to-basics is a great thing for them all, really.

Speaking of basics, let me say that I’m not obsessed with any of the characters like some people I know, and Im wayyy past their target audience, but I know entertainment when I see it. I’m reminded to watch the show when our resident (15yo) teenager rushes home from dance to slam her door shut and watch her FAV show, OMG its Pauly D!!! She actually has a Pauly D desktop theme…bleh.

Anyways, last night was no exception to the bevy of entertainment that MTV and SallyAnn Salsano put together for us. Classy stuff indeed. I thought there were a few trifling things that were really messed up….here they are.

1) How Ronni just threw all of Sammi’s clothing and stuff all over the room, told her to go home. I was pulling for Ronnie here, as he is much more fun when he’s out in the clubs trolling for trim. Even if its not quality (and you know what I mean), he does manage to get himself into some interesting situations (no pun or reference intended). A single Ronnie would be fun to watch, moreso than a Ronni-n-Sammi story. BORING! No matter how much I really wanted her to go home, it wasn’t meant to be. DAMN you Vinny for stepping up and trying to be her friend! Now Ronnie starts to ball like a big wuss, and yup.. predictable, they kiss and make up before the hour is up.

2) The Grenade Whistle… ah yes, this was an in-your-face slap to the DUF (Designated Ugly Friend) that was trying to derail “the situation’s” nightly hookup. They actually have a vuvuzela leftover from worldcup that they blow when an ugly chick has entered the house. How Rude? Sure!..or should I say SHORE?

3) How how about Mike throwing Ronnie and J-WOWW under the bus by telling Sammi that her man and enemy were talking out back. WHUT!  He is good at creating the drama, I would like to see this backfire on him just once.

I just wonder… How do all of these players react when they see these episodes later on? I doubt they care, but I sure would like to be a fly on the wall.

By Louis Wing

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