American Idol Auditions Are The Only Part of This Show I Like

Watching American Idol last night, this confirms what I’ve thought for years now – This show SUCKS! Well,.. let me back up for a minute.. The auditions part of this show is the ONLY good part. When they go to Hollywood, I’m tuning out for another year!

I know alot of people are still kvetching about the lineup of judges, and yes.. I’ll get to that in a minute, but let me address the core of this rant first. The auditions are the BEST part of this show. People who really think they can sing, and totally can’t. I’m not sure if its the embarrassment factor here that makes it…. and I mean that we’re almost embarrassed for the people trying to sing, watching a few freak out when they don’t get the good nod.

I was impressed by the dude McGoo (SP?) he’s the CPA that’s a weekend wedding warrior..and he’s got a voice! Kudos for him following his dream. HE’S GOING TO HOLLYWOOD for the right reasons!

But… The dude that came dressed in the Civil War outfit… I mean C’mon! You just KNEW that guy was going to bust before he even opened his mouth, you didn’t even need to hear a note to know that he wasn’t going to Hollywood. The really annoying “Go Pack” Megan from Wisconsin should just really have not come out, she might be able to break some glass with that voicebox, but thats not music to anyone’s ears.

And it seems like many of these contestants have really bad friends… because apparently nobody bothered to tell them they can’t sing! I mean, if you have a good friend and they just mumble their beats or sing really off-key, wouldn’t you just tell them? Or really, if they asked you what you thought, would you be honest with them? .. or just say “oh yeah, that sounds great.. you should be on American Idol!” LMAO

As an example, one of the girls that was all upset and said that “Y’all suck, you wouldn’t know a good singer if you….” ¬†SHE can’t sing worth a damn, but I enjoyed watching her make a fool of herself, that was funny. Its like – when you see Randy start to make that face, like he’s trying not to laugh, you know the answer is “no” and Steven and J-Ho aren’t going to be saying “yes” either.

So thats a good segue to the judges, you knew I was going to go there and here it is. Randy is cool, I know that he is all about the music and he can spot talent from a mile away; I have no beef with Randy at all.

Steven Tyler, what can I say about him.. He IS a rock legend and you have to give him his due, I actually like his comments and his candor. When he asked that kid the other night “…you eat alot of paint chips when you were younger?” .. that was hilarious and I get his sense of humor. He’s a rocker and that shows through 100%. Again, I have no beef with Steven, he’s having fun with the show and the people too.

Now onto J-Ho! I guess that you already know what I think of her, considering the name I’m using for her. Yeah, I think she sucks! She may be a good dancer, and sure sure sure she’s got booty! She has acted (but not that great), but considering her last album flunked, so much so that her record label straight up dumped her,… I just don’t think she’s all that. Can she be a good idol judge? Maybe… My wife says she would at least be able to know what talent IS, even if she doesn’t have any herself. Ouch! But.. that says it all right there.

By Louis Wing

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