Remembering The Man, The Legend, and The Message

There are so many good things to talk about when speaking of Dr. Martin Luther King, but somehow the conversation gets off track a bit and we lose sight of the real key points to ponder.  Every discussion of MLK needs to be concluded with the most important parts, the real takeaways are about the messages he was trying to send.

This isn’t a group chat about the other leaders (some controversial and some not), it’s not about Malcolm X or Rosa Parks, this is about The Man, The Legend, and The Messages of Dr. King.

So, what is this about? Dr. King was an exceptional man of his time, he had a greater vision of peace and equality than most of his era could even get their arms around.

It could even be said that …maybe…. this was an individual that was before his time, but then again we needed him to lead and preach as he did, so we could get to where we are today. He clearly knew that the ethnic fiber of the country was changing, and that more people of color were being interwoven into the great blanket that IS what the United States of America is built upon.

The Legend, before getting too deep here, its important to sit back for a moment and put a note on the timeline of our country’s history and recognize that time as when this legendary figure was in our midst. He did things that others dared not to do, and yet he had a divine sense of purpose, to set the benchmark when it needed to be set.

As we look back on other people of his day, Dr. King shines as the legend that he was. He led millions in Washington, DC when he gave the “I have a dream” speech, and we clung to every word he said.

The biggest point from this is to look at the message… what was he trying to get across? Sure, there are some basic premises that everyone should know; Equality and justice for all, and all of the trimmings about that. But, if you take a modern look at what Dr. King was talking about, he was really preparing us for the lives of us ahead.

While he didn’t have any special technology or time machine, he knew that more and more of us would come together, and that most of us would find great peace in that.

I think he knew then that the real love would begin…. when we as a society start to create groups of people based on our similarities, rather than keeping people apart because of shallow differences. The true sign of the times will come when this becomes the standard, rather than the exception to the rule.

By Louis Wing

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